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From our initial meeting all through your pregnancy I will:

  • Listen to your needs and support your birth choices

  • Provide 1-2-1 antenatal sessions tailored to you

  • Help you write your birth preferences

  • Attend antenatal and hospital appointments

  • Offer unlimited telephone and email support

  • Provide an on call period from the beginning of week 38 until your baby is born

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As birth support I will:

  • Be with you from the moment you call me and ask me to come to you

  • Be continuous support throughout your labour and birth

  • Help to prepare your chosen place of birth you feel relaxed and ready to welcome your baby(ies)

  • Offer partner support

  • Stay with you after the birth to help with the first feed and to help you feel supported in those first, tender moments

  • Visit you after the birth of your baby(ies) to see how you are all settling in

Holding Hands


As your postnatal doula I can:

  • Tailored my package to fit the help and support you need after the birth

  • Help with feeding, bathing baby and general baby tasks

  • Be there for you to talk to

  • Look after baby so you can have a moment to yourself

  • Help you get to any scheduled appointments

  • Help with more practical tasks such as cooking, washing clothes, ironing or a quick tidy of the house

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“If a woman doesn’t look like a Goddess during labour then someone isn’t treating her right”

Ina May Gaskin

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