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Having never heard of a doula I was curious to try and see if having a doula would help me to have a better birth than my second and third births. When I had my first baby I had my mum with me and it was so much better having another woman by my side, this hadn't been an option the second and third time and although my partner was supportive and caring it just wasn't the same for me.  From the very beginning Dennisha eased my concerns about giving birth again and was there whenever I needed her even if it was just to tell her I was ok. In the lead up to my birth I had constant help and reassurance not just for me but for our family, I was taught things I didn't even know even though I already had 3 children. The day I gave birth my fears went straight away as the calming voice I had remembered from my first birth was there again and the soft touch to hold my hand told me it was going to be ok, and it was just that ok.  In fact it was probably the smoothest birth I had to date.  It was a very special experience to have a doula and a voice for me when I could barely speak let alone breath.  I would highly recommend Dennisha to anyone wanting extra support.


Like Gemma I had not heard of a doula but anything that Gemma suggested was fine by me, if she thought it would make the experience better.  Also it was a little weight off my mind. Dennisha was attentive to Gemma’s concerns and also to mine as a dad.  Although we had been through this before I was a little nervous again as previously we had gone through experiences I never appreciated before. On the day of the birth everything was a lot more relaxed and Dennisha was there to support me as well as Gemma even just to tell me to drink something and reassure me. We believe the experience helped us both face the challenge of a newborn again and we will always be grateful we had this opportunity. I would recommend this for any new or nervous dad as we get the support too.


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“Giving birth should be your greatest achievement not your greatest fear”

Jane Weideman

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